Forum geobotanicum (2012)6:1-13
DOI 10.3264/FG.2012.0710

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Lorenzo Gallo

Natural hybrids in Sedum series Rupestria Berger (Crassulaceae):
a review of taxonomy and nomenclature

Published online: 10 July 2012
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Abstract The nothotaxa of the genus Sedum series Rupestria Berger (Crassulaceae) are reviewed, three new hybrids
(S. ×affomarcoi, S. ×henkii and S. ×pascalianum) are described and Sedum brevierei Chass. is typified. The identity of the western (French) populations of S. rupestre L. subsp. erectum ‘t Hart is also clarified, and a table with all known combinations is given.

Keywords Nothotaxa, typification, Sedum rupestre L. subsp. erectum ‘t Hart

Lorenzo Gallo
Strada Val San Martino superiore 194
10131 Torino Italy